Eco Astronomy Courses

Affiliated with Institute of Professional Studies Skill Development Sri Lanka
Department of Sciences & Engineering ( has been instrumental in promoting the development of IPSSD program for training of science teachers, and works actively to strengthen the recruitment of students for sciences and technology. By teaching the basic courses in mathematics and statistics, the department is responsible for the quality of education for all engineering students at IPSSD. We are looking for generatingstranded  Pedagogy& Courses

Certificate course
  1. Certificate course in Earth & Space Science (Download Course Description)
  2. Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science
  3. Thermodynamics in Energy Engineering
  4. Fundamentals of  Astrobiology & Eco Astronomy
  5. Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky
  6. Fundamentals  Paleontology
  7. Teaching Practical Science: Physics
  8. Introduction to Sustainability and Development
  9. Fundamentals  of motor mechanic
  10. Vehicle Engineering
  11. Fundamental of Engineering Science
  12. Gravity -From the Big Bang to Black Holes

Board Objectives of Course
  • Provide students with scientific knowledge needed to begin their careers or to enter professional world
  • Provide students with the analytical and problem solving skills needed to begin their careers
  • Provide students with the laboratory skills needed to begin their careers
  • Provide students with the communication skills needed to begin their careers

Miner Objectives Due to IYA related to Sri Lanka
  1. Increase scientific awareness.
  2. Promote widespread access to new knowledge and observing experiences.
  3. Empower astronomical communities in developing countries.
  4. Support and improve formal and informal science education.
  5. Provide a modern image of science and scientists.
  6. Facilitate new networks and strengthen existing ones.
  7. Improve the gender-balanced representation of scientists at all levels and promote greater involvement by underrepresented minorities in scientific and engineering careers.
  8. Facilitate the preservation and protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage of dark skies in places such as urban oases, national parks and astronomical sites.

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