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Advance Certificate Course on Introduction to Practical Eco Astronomy & GPS Training

                         E C O   A S T R O N O M Y    S R I    L A N K A
                            RESEARCH AND AMATEUR TRAINING UNIT
                                            V I C T O R Y   I N T E R N A T I O N A L    C O L L E G E
                                                             PANAWALA ROAD, EHELIYAGODA,SRI  LANKA
 INFOR-   Training unit -+94362258291      Research unit -+94000000slt      On line -+94774356014    Email-ecoastronomysrilanka@gmail.com     Web-ecoastronomysrilanka.net23.net
 Advance Certificate Course on Introduction to Practical Eco Astronomy & GPS Training
                                                                      Conductd by
                   Research and Amateur Training Unit of  Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka  
                                                                Start : 17 th September 2013
Introduction to practical Eco Astronomy and GPS training advance certificate course is diesiged with the aim of providing a knowledge on eco astronomy research and  astro biology
For whom
1.Astronomy part-specialy aim to after A/L student and scool student who over  than 15 years old.
2.GPS & satnet  part- researchers,Undergraduate and basiclly who use satnat technology in various application areas
                                                          Course Fee – Rs.8000.00
[Including  prctical astronomy software  package,DVD documantary,note collection,Research travilling fee and exam fee]    
When you going to pay -Starting course you have to pay 50% from full course fee  as Rs.4000.00  and endding (befor final exam)couse you have to pay other balance as  Rs.4000.00
                  Course duration -3 months [Every Monday or Tuesday 1.30pm to 5.30 pm]

Content of the course –The following topice are covered in lectures and practical sessions during                  the course
1.History of Basic Astronomy   
2.Cosmology ,Blak Body Radiation and Astro Physics   
3.Rocket Seience   
4.Observation Astronomy                         
5.Introduction to GPS and satellite based  navigation system 
6.Map projection .
7.Evolution of Earth and Human. 
8.Basci Ufology  9. Life in out of space.  
10.Path of eco astronomy research
11.Geology of origin of  life on earth  
12.Introcution to peleobiodiversity  for astro biological research
13.Research traing  in batdobalena

Please send your application             Registration : 17thSeptember at 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Practical Eco Astronomy course                 Deadline for application 9thSeptember 2013
Research and Amateur trainning unit
Victory international Institute    -                  Application  available -ecoastronomysrilanka.net23.net        
Panawala roda ,Ehaliyagoda
                                                                     For further details,contact course coordinator -0774356014

ECO ASTRONOMY SRI LANKA – RESEARCH AND AMATEUR TRAINING UNIT                                             
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