Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dehigampala Dewalaya

]of Dehgampala Dewlaya_2014 [ Type
Anthropology Research_ Astrobiology and Paleobiology Research unit of Eco
Astronomy Sri lanka] Will be Publish 28th of December 2014 at the
Dehigampala Dewlaya that situated in Pukunuwala ,Kegalla District.The importance
of Dehigampala Dewalaya which is the Abstract built up for showing scientific
method of Grameeya Dewala System that _date
Approximately between 1450_1550 according to EASL BGE 2014 data.Even the
Rich bio_ diversity surrounding Dewalaya Area consisted rare fauna and Flora.

Introduction to Astrophotography by Cari Letellier

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